Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Toast, French Style

I made French toast tonight for dinner since I had a loaf of home made gluten free bread that I needed to get rid of.  There was also bacon since bacon is the best!  I digress.

The French toast was nothing super special, just my first French toast since going gluten free.  The bread was from the Glutino mix, makes a nice bread, and made a nice Dinner.  I used eggs, half & half, powdered sugar and vanilla.  Soaked the bread in it for a while, not too long, and then cooked up in some butter.  Pretty standard stuff.  

The first thing I noticed was the texture difference of the bread, naturally, but it didn't distract from the French toast at all.  My son, who is 22, actually said it was better than the usual.  Pretty cool!  I used an entire loaf of the bread and we have three slices left.  I guess they liked it!


  1. I've found that french toast GF is alot like french toast with cornbread. Different, but yummy just the same. :)

  2. Hello! I have somehow stumbled across your blog and as my husband has IBS and been told to sty off wheat I am interested to see what recipes you have here.I am now your latest fan/follower and am off to snoop round your blog (hope that's okay).
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    Warmest wishes.
    Carol from www.facing50withhumour.blogspot.com