Monday, November 22, 2010

Stuffing it With Bread

Today was day one of Thanksgiving preparation days so I made the bread for the stuffing and baked sweet potatoes.  The bread was from a mix by Glutino called French bread/Pizza crust mix.  I opted for the loaf pans rather than making a baguette.  According to the package directions I should have been able to put all of the dough into one loaf pan but that would have been impossible.  I split the dough by half and used two loaf pans.

The instructions were easy to follow and mixing it up was a breeze.  There's a lot of stuff to add to the mix such as water, sugar, vinegar, eggs and salt.  I also added garlic powder, sage and thyme since this bread is for stuffing.  Hmm, I guess it really was just a flour mix with added gaur gum and a packet of yeast.  

The instructions call for mixing with a hand mixer for two minutes and I did this exactly.  The dough comes out with the texture and look of mashed potatoes.  Weird, but we're talking gluten free now and not wheat. I put the dough into the greased pans and allowed them to rise longer than the 40 minutes on the directions, more like an hour.  Baked at 375 for about 40 minutes.

This bread came out light and fluffy on the inside without the gooey or almost wet feeling that can sometimes happen with GF bread.  I am impressed actually.  After it cools completely I will cut into cubes and put in Ziplock bags to be used as part of my stuffing.  The rest of the stuffing is described HERE

Here is a photo showing the cooked loaves of bread.

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  1. So now you can market your GF Stuffin'....
    I have the perfect brand name.

    Get Stuffed.

    you're welcome