Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cookin' Cookin'

Been cooking up a storm getting ready for the big day tomorrow.  Today was pie day and the first year of making gluten free pies.  I attempted a pie crust for a quiche before and did not think that it would be good for a sweet pie.  I opted for a ginger snap cookie crust for the pumpkin pie and a sugar cookie crust for the pecan pie.  Since it's only Wednesday, I have no idea how they taste!  

I used Mi-Del gluten free ginger snap cookies for the pumpkin pie crust.  They even had a coupon and recipe attached to the bag.  We followed the recipe and baked the shell for 10 minutes before we added the filling.  It sure smells good!

                                  Here is the baked pie shell and package of cookies

The pecan pie has a sugar cookie crust made with Cherrybrook Kitchens gluten free sugar cookie mix.  I've used this before to substitute for shortbread HERE.  This cookie mix is not overly sweet and is extremely versatile!  While I was picking at the crust attempting to taste for quality control, I realized that the crust may have stuck.  Great.  We'll know tomorrow! 
                                          Here is the lightly baked pie shell and cookie mix

I didn't need all of the cookie dough for the one pie so I decided to make something along the lines of a Pecan Sandie.  I roasted up some pecans, chopped them up in the small processor and hand mixed the nuts into the dough.  Placed one-inch balls of the dough on a sheet and baked following their directions.  Good stuff!

They are not nearly as large as they look in this photo!  

I did not get the apples peeled and sliced but I am finished for the day!  At least I have a LOT more stuff prepped for Thanksgiving dinner this year!

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  1. Damn woman! I'm still on the sugar cookies. I still have chocolate chip cookies, brownies, and mac and cheese to go... Thank the Lord I'm not in charge of the Turkey this year. :)