Saturday, November 27, 2010

Enchiladas! Yumminess!

For the past few years we've had a tradition of making enchiladas with the leftover Thanksgiving turkey.  My sister-in-law received this recipe from another military wife who happened to be from Mexico.  I'm not sure how authentic this is but it sure is yummy!

To begin, you have to make your own cream of chicken soup.  Fun.  Actually it's not that bad and I like it way better than anything canned!  

GF Cream of Chicken Soup

Melt about 1 stick of butter in a saucepan.  Once melted, add about 1/3 cup of a GF flour blend to make a roux. When the roux is like paste, start adding chicken broth and stirring.  Add about half a can of the broth and then add about 1/2 cup of milk.  Stir constantly.  Keep adding the chicken broth and milk until the soup is the consistency of heavy cream.  Allow this to simmer on the stove and stir often.  As the soup thickens more, add more broth.  I also like to add chicken bouillon for more flavor.  Salt and pepper to taste.

Now that you have the chicken soup, you can start making the enchiladas.

GF Turkey or Chicken Enchiladas

Cooked Turkey or Chicken, cut into pieces

GF Corn Tortillas
Small can of green Chiles, NOT roasted
Cup of Sour Cream
One medium Onion, chopped fine (I use a small food processor)
Cream of Chicken Soup (see above)
One Pound shredded Cheddar Cheese
Oil for softening tortillas

Mix the green chiles into the soup and add the sour cream.
In a medium fry pan, heat some oil to just warm.  DO NOT heat too much!  Take a tortilla and place in the oil then flip it over, allow to drain over the fry pan, and place on a plate.  Place some cut up turkey or chicken in the middle, a small amount of onions, about two tablespoons of the soup mixture and then some cheese.  This is not an exact science. Roll the tortilla and place seam side down in a baking dish sprayed with cooking spray.  Continue doing this until you fill the pan.  Pour the remaining soup mix over the top of the enchiladas and sprinkle some chiles and onions over the top.  Cover the top with cheddar.
Bake in a 350 degree oven until bubbly.

As you can tell I don't measure things that much.  I like to eyeball it. Just remember that you need enough soup to cover the dish so plan accordingly.

This is a family favorite!  I like to get a turkey much larger than we need at Thanksgiving so I have plenty of leftovers to make this!

Seems I already posted about the enchiladas!  Silly me! 


Thanksgiving was awesome here!  The only "dud" was the stuffing!  Of course, since I spent so much time and money on the damned bread!  It just came out too dry for me.  Obviously I am still learning how to make everything gluten free so I will have to experiment with the stuffing.

The pie crusts were a hit as well!  The cookie crust using Cherrybrook Kitchen GF sugar cookie mix tasted good but I will have to bake a little longer before adding the filling.  The ginger snap crust was very good and the ginger snaps gave the pumpkin pie a nice zip!

I used the GF Bisquick for the apple cobbler and found that it's only just so-so.  I think it is too grainy for me. 

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