Monday, December 6, 2010

Cake but Not for ME

Sunday was my daughter's baby shower here at my house.  We had tons of food and plenty that I could eat, except cake.  I was going to make a cake, but for just me, it seemed weird.  The regular cake was purchased at a store and I don't usually like those anyway.  So, why on earth am I feeling grumpy about not eating cake?  Weird.  I made myself these, with all pink candies but it's not CAKE.  What is it about cake that is just so, I don't know, maybe cultural?  

Here's the cake that I could NOT have:

                           names have been blurred to protect the innocent

Actually my little dessert bars were very good, and still are!  I made way too many of them.  

                         Too much!!!

So, the party went well, the food was really good and my daughter was very happy!  There are more photos here.




  1. My son goes through this all the time. and so do's totally normal. Lately I've been craving my Portuguese Sweet Bread French toast. So yummy, and so NOT gluten free. :(

  2. I actually took a bite from one of the finger sandwiches we had for the party without thinking. No ill effects, but it was only one bite. I really wanted that sandwich, too!