Friday, December 3, 2010

Uno Chicago Grill, GF Pizza

I guess the title of the post says it all, really, but we went to Uno for some take-out pizza from their gluten free menu.  I've been wanting a good pizza, not the usual GF frozen, so decided to see what theirs is like.  It was pretty good.  Nothing to write home about but I have not found a gluten free pizza that is all that great anyway.  The one main thing they have going for them is that the sauce is better than anything I can find in the grocery store to make my own pizza.

Coming from New York, and living there for the first twenty five years of my life, NOTHING is going to be all THAT good anyway.  However, this crust wasn't bad, although it was dry.  It sort of reminded me of Pizza Hut's thin crust. 

There are only three options for a gluten free pizza at Uno since they arrive at the restaurant fully made but frozen.  There's cheese, pepperoni and veggie.  Period.  I wish they made the pizza fresh and that you can add the GF toppings of your choice.   It's nice that they have such a large selection of gluten free menu items, though, so that makes up for the lack of pizza variety.  Uno even sells gluten free beer made from sorghum! 

For a real pizza craving, this did the trick. 

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  1. Most of the Uno's closed around here, and I do agree that the crust is a bit dry. The British Beer Company (BBC) around here make GF pizza as well, and they'll make it in any topping you'd like. The crust is OK but still not as good as what I make at home. (And not worth the 15.99)

    Best Pizza crust is by far is the against the grain crust. We're still working on perfecting it, but my oldest likes it better than take out.