Wednesday, December 1, 2010

And the Award Goes to.....

Juiana over at Surviving Boys was sweet enough to give my blog the Shiny Turkey Blog Award!

I need to share a horror story from my kitchen.  Well there have been many over these many years of cooking but since this is a gluten free blog I'll share something that has happened recently with my GF cooking.  

The Sad Sad Thanksgiving Stuffing

One day, a few days before Thanksgiving, Portia, the recently discovered Celiac, decided to make her stuffing using home baked gluten free bread.  A bread mix was purchased and the cooking began.  This mix worked just fine except, well, except Portia thought that maybe the bread was a little too soggy for the stuffing.  Out came the super duper bread knife and those loaves were nothing but cubes!

The cubes were placed onto a cookie sheet and then baked in a 300 degree oven for a while.  Portia checked on them a few times and deemed them, "Too soggy" for stuffing.  Oh her beautiful gluten-full stuffing!  The bread dried out enough and was placed into ziplock bags after cooling.

When Thanksgiving morning rolled around the stuffing was made the same way as Portia's usual stuffing.  Butter, lots of butter, onions, seasonings all melted together then the bread cubes were added.  Smelled amazing!  Before baking this dish of yumminess Portia poured on some drippings from the turkey.  

When the stuffing was taken out of the oven it was clear that something was horribly wrong.  While the stuffing smelled good, it was visually obvious that the darned thing was DRY as a bone!  Gluten free bread seems to be far worse dry than regular gluten bread.  

Most of the stuffing ended up tossed and all the money spent on the gluten free bread mix, not to mention the other homemade loaf of gluten free bread, went into the trash.  An expensive lesson in gluten free cooking.  Do NOT try to dry out the bread for stuffing!

There's my horror story! 

Now, I need to pass this along to another blogger so I am giving this award to Ami over at Ami Mental.  We've "known" each other since 1998, although we have never met!

Thanks again Juliana!


  1. You're Welcome! You'll get it right next time... I just know it. I'll be getting my stuffing recipe for Thanksgiving next year off your blog. :)

  2. A kitchen horror story? I will have to ponder that a bit. Hmm.

    But thanks for the award. And I'll get it posted soon.