Thursday, March 17, 2011

Holy Birthday Month!

For some reason many of our family birthdays are in April.  Three out of the four people in my immediate family have April birthdays and then my daughter married someone born in April also.  What?  My sister and nephew round out the April birthday bonanza.  Of course, Easter falls around the birthdays so there is another occasion for eating cake/candy/sugar/sugar/sugar!  This year my sister will be here for her birthday, too, so there's more opportunity for cake eating!

This is the first birthday month eating gluten free.  I have the potential of having five birthday cakes this month AND Easter dessert.  Holy crap!

My daughter wants a cheesecake, which is easy to make gluten free.  Phew!  I am also planning on making a tiramisu cake gluten free.  I am a little concerned that pouring coffee over the cake layers will result in sog.  So, I am thinking of alternatives. I have NO clue what my son would like for HIS cake although I think the tiramisu cake is a winner.

I will post, with pictures, when I make all the desserts!


  1. I don't know how it will be. GF can either go really well, or really bad.

    I made the GF betty crocker devils food cake for my son's birthday. My dad said he had no idea it was GF. :) Mission accomplished.

  2. I am not gluten free, but I am positively addicted to those lemon wafer cookies in the gluten free aisle at Whole Foods. They have an entire aisle that is gluten free. My sister in law recently told us that she has celiac's and asked that when she visits, we respect that. I thought it might be challenging, but that long aisle gives me some hope....