Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Against the Grain Pizza, Other Random GF Things

I finally was able to get the Against the Grain plain cheese pizza at Whole Foods and I tried it.  Eh.  It's OK, better than any other GF pizza, but the Against the Grain pesto pizza is way better!  Since their crust is so good, I bought a plain crust to make my own pizza.  Juilana at Surviving Boys suggested the plain crust so now all I have to do is decide what to put on it!  Alfredo, artichoke hearts and spinach?  Sundried tomatoes?  Pizza sauce and every possible meat conceivable?

After five months of eating gluten free, to the best of my ability, with a few mistakes along the way, I am feeling much better.  Also, I am getting a handle on how to eat.  What to eat.  To check the labels and go online to be SURE that any product is gluten free. 

I discovered today that the new Starbucks instant hot cocoa mixes are gluten free, in case anyone wanted to know that. 

Heinz is about the only reasonably priced and easy to get ketchup that's GF.

The enchilada sauce I have been using is not necessarily GF.  Great.  Explains some things.

Tuna packed in water is actually packed in vegetable broth.  I need to check to see if THAT is gluten free!  Who knew?  When the main label says, "packed in water,"  I figured it was, you know, packed in WATER. I will get back with the water vs broth information.


  1. Watch out for mayonasie too. I have heard some people have an issue with that as well. Funny, I have no issue with traces, but I was having a severe skin problem due to a new clenser I was using... wouldn't you know it... gluten. Switched to a fruit extract line and my skin's clearing just fine. :)

    Baby steps... no matter how long you've been doing it. :)

  2. Put garlic salt on it. Seriously. THAT is what they are missing...

    I cook them at 420 for 12 minutes(per instructions, I think) and add garlic salt before putting it in the oven.