Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Do you like Oreos?  You know, those cookies we all grew up with.  I know I do.  I remember back when we had been married about six months or so and we realized that we could EAT OREOS FOR DINNER!  We were the grown-ups and if we wanted to eat cookies we COULD!  HA!  That lasted all of the one night and we felt so gross afterward.  Blech.  Sure didn't turn me off of Oreos though!

I found some gluten free Oreo-like cookies today while shopping at Whole Foods.  They are made by Glutino and called Gluten Free Dream Cookies.  Weird name, but there ya go!  My daughter and I washed our hands before leaving the store and starting the fairly long trip back home.  We ate cookies.  I had to stop myself from eating the whole package!  Yes, they do have the signature graininess of the rice flour, although not too much, but they really taste like Oreos!  I was impressed!  

While at Whole Foods I also bought more of the Against the Grain pizzas, garbonzo/fava flour, tapioca flour and their curry chicken salad which is to die for!  That's lunch for tomorrow. 

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  1. Good to know. I have not tried these.

    FYI Against the grain pumpernickel rolls are to die for! Just tried them the other day with a pulled pork recipe.

    Also picked up some Thai toasted coconut fortune cookies which were delicious. I grabbed some rice wraps, and am hoping for crab rangoon this weekend. I'll keep you posted! -J