Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Juliana over at Surviving Boys suggested that I try Against the Grain for a good gluten free pizza.  She also suggested that I buy one of those pizza pans with the holes in it so that the crust would cook up nice and crispy.  THANK YOU Juliana!

I bought the Against the Grain Nut Free Pesto pizza, frozen of course, because I happen to like pesto.  A lot.

The pizza was cooked on the pizza pan with the holes following the directions on the box.  I usually add extra cheese on my frozen pizza but decided against it since it looked pretty darned cheesy.  Good call on my part.  Coming from someone who loves cheese, this actually had plenty!  Any more cheese would have been too much! The pesto flavor was great, not too overpowering with garlic. I don't remember the other flavors they had at Whole Foods, but I will buy more next time I go.

                                    See how cheesy?  This pan works wonders for pizza!

The crust was crispy with a good crunch and NO sogginess!  Hooray for a good gluten free pizza!


  1. I haven't tried the Pesto yet, but good to know you liked it.

    I tried the new Hamburger Helper (they have 2 new GF porducts) Asian Style and Cheezy Hash.

    The Asian is actualy very good. (we cook the egg separate and add it later)

    The Hash was well, hash. It was OK, but not my favorite.

    So glad you liked the pizza. See if they have the plain crusts... then you can really do pizza!

  2. I tried the Against the Grain Three Cheese pizza and was super impressed! It almost tasted like REAL pizza.

    Here is my review if you are interested. http://jordanadventures.blogspot.com/2011/02/juice-horse-and-pink-eye.html

  3. HI Pam! Thanks for reading my blog. I am just trying to live a normal life, minus all gluten! At mt age it sure is difficult!