Saturday, January 1, 2011

Post Holidays Cooking

Happy New Year to the readers of the Silly Celiac blog!  NO more sweets for me after the hog-fest here since Thanksgiving.  As I have said before, just because I CAN eat something doesn't mean I should eat it.  

Of course, there are those three boxes of Cherrybrook Kitchens Sugar Cookie mix in the pantry.  I can actually hear them calling my name.  What can I do with some sugar cookie mix?  Hmmmm.  I've used the mix to make pecan cookies and Oh. My. God. they were good.  So, there is always that.  Or, maybe I can do something else with them.  I'll have to get creative and figure something out.  

I also have three Bette Hagman Gluten Free Gourmet cookbooks to pour over.  They are Makes Dessert, Cooks Fast and Easy, and Bakes Bread.  Awesome!  I started reading the bread making book and there's a lot of background talking about the different gluten free flours and how to use them.  Cool stuff. 

While I am hoping to stop the sugar madness it seems that the desserts will be in my life for a while still.  I can't let cookie mix go bad now, can I?  Oh and there's also a brownie mix that needs sampling and a cake mix that I bought and decided not to use.  Ack!  There's no hope for me!


  1. You know, you're lucky.
    Having to go GF is a hell of a lot easier than giving up sugar would be. Right?

    :::shuddering as I imagine life without sugar:::

  2. Tomorrow we're using the sugar cookie mix for pizzelles. We're also rolling out some of the dough, and using the star wars cookie cutters on it.

    Yoda makes every thing taste better.

  3. Awesome! Star Wars cookie cutters! My son's friend, who is about 24 years old, just bought himself light saber chop sticks! So, no, the Star Wars geekiness never ends!