Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cookies for a Cookie Crust

I made a cheesecake and a Peppermint Dream Pie for the holidays which meant that I had to find something for the crusts.  Originally I went out looking for GF chocolate wafer cookies but could not find any at Whole Foods.  I considered the "graham" cookies but they were expensive to buy for two crusts.  I ended up seeing the Gluten Free Annie's Bunny Cookies on the bottom shelf at Whole Foods and they were ON SALE!  That seemed like a sign to me so I bought them.

There are both chocolate and vanilla cookies in the box and they remind me of Teddy Grahams in size and cuteness.  I ate a few and they were good.  

I took those cute little bunny cookies and processed them all (2 boxes) in my food processor.  Poor little bunnies.  I added some cocoa powder to make sure they had enough chocolate flavor and used this for both the Peppermint Pie and Kaluha cheesecake.  Luckily cheesecake is easy to make gluten free since it is mostly cream cheese and eggs and sugar.  These little cookies made a great crust!

I'll certainly use them again for a chocolate cookie crust.  They are not too expensive and worked like a charm.  The little bunnies are cute, too!

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