Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glutino Pizza and Brownies

I made a Glutino frozen pizza tonight.  I've had them before and, yes, the crust can get a little slippery, which is one of the problems with rice flour products.  The directions call for placing the frozen pizza directly on the oven rack which other frozen pizzas also suggest.  I never do that since it usually requires an oven cleaning afterward.  The pizza was placed on a pan in the oven and cooked at the proper temperature. Guess I should have followed the directions because the crust of the pizza was totally soggy.  I actually threw out most of it.  Weird thing is, the flavor was great!  So far, it beats out Amy's Frozen GF Pizza any day!

There's one more Glutino frozen pizza in my freezer and it WILL go directly onto the oven rack.  

Well, because my pizza sucked so badly, I decided to make brownies!  Glutino brownies, actually!  The mix is easy to use and only requires eggs and butter.  Liked it right away!  The cooking directions were odd because after cooling the directions say to put in the freezer for an hour.Huh?  I have never had anything like this before.  After the required cooking time I looked at the brownies and they sure looked loose, more like pudding! I baked for an extra five minutes and they were more cooked.

Can anyone really wait another hour for brownies?  I know we can't so we cut into them after about a half hour of cooling on the kitchen counter.  My son likes the center brownie and I can say that it was rather ummm, moist?  Almost as though it was not cooked through. It was cooked through, though, and I think part of the problem is that there are little mini chocolate chips in the mix and they get all gooey.  Perhaps the freezing is suggested to have them set. Either way, I know we're not good about waiting to eat brownies.

Right now I would say that the jury is still out on the Glutino pizza since I did NOT place it directly on the oven rack.  Next time I will risk the possible mess in the oven and do just that.

Now, the Glutino brownies were very good even without the hour in the freezer.  If you can wait for it, I would suggest following all the directions and wait. 

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  1. The key to a good pizza is the pan (or lack of it) I also have to put it on someting though, so I bought a pizza pan with holes throughout it at Target for like $12. Best thing ever. It allows for the pizza crust to get air and bake, while leaving no mess in the oven.

    We're quite into our pizza here.

    As for brownies, still the best mix I've found is Betty Crocker. In the perfect brownie pan, because I can't wait an extra hour for brownies either. You can't make them a-la-mode if they're not warm and gooey.