Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Random Tuesday Gluten Free Stuff

Good news!  I had a leftover corn muffin this morning and it was NOT crumbly at all!  The texture is almost exactly like a regular corn muffin but I think I will add a teeny bit of xanthan gum to the recipe next time.

Speaking of xanthan gum, holy CRAP!  That stuff is expensive!  Thank God you only need small amounts in recipes.  Seriously, $12.00 for an 8 ounce bag?  This gluten free thing is NOT cheap if you want to eat like "normal" people.  I could just go the Atkins diet method and skip all the grain carbs such as breads, cereals, baked goods and the like.  Much cheaper but hard for me to stick to.  

After about three weeks of gluten free eating I STILL feel great!  NO stomach issues at all.  (knocking wood) Seems I've found the solution to the problems that have plagued me for many years.  And, know what?  It's not that difficult!  Some Udi's bread (will blog about Udi's at a later date), a few good recipes for things like muffins, lots of rice and potatoes, and we also have the really good Betty Crocker gluten free mixes.  See?  You don't have to deprive yourself!  BUT once you go gluten free it means completely free of gluten!  This is not something like going on a diet where you cheat every so often.  Cheating is bad, believe me!  It takes a commitment to NOT use anything with wheat.  Period.  And, probably forever if that's what's going on.  Bummer, right?

I had my share of sadness over the "I will never have  (fill in the blank) ."  Once I got over that stage I just buckled down and tried a bunch of things.  Heck, I am still trying a bunch of things like mixes, recipes and off the shelf products.  Some have been good, some have been less than good and some have been really gross! 

I will try to blog about all, or nearly all, of the products I've tried and will either link to the good recipes or write them out in the blog.  I LOVE food and love to cook so this is my challenge, to find the GOOD gluten free foods and pass them along to all who need them!


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