Monday, October 25, 2010

Corn Muffins!

Corn muffins are a family favorite here at Casa Portia. Today, after my daughter's doctor's appointment, we decided to find a muffin recipe to make gluten free.  Funny how my daughter found a corn muffin recipe right away!  This recipe calls for blueberries as well but my daughter nixed that idea for plain, old, ordinary cornbread muffins.  Since I am originally from the North corn muffins and corn bread should be SWEET!  I don't make a very good Southerner when it comes to cornbread.  

The recipe we tried is from Epicurious which is where I FINALLY found a great chocolate cake recipe only to discover, two weeks later, that I need to eat gluten free.  Bummer!  Click on the link for the recipe anyway if you can eat wheat!  

The Epicurious corn muffin recipe looked the best out of all of the muffin recipes, based on the photo and reviews, so we decided to try it.  Helps that I had all the ingredients as well.  

The result is a really good corn muffin (I added a little more sugar and maple syrup) with a good texture.  Since corn muffins are already gritty from the cornmeal there was no issue with a gritty texture as it was expected.  My family said that they tasted like corn muffins so that's a compliment. Next time I will most likely use a little xanthan gum to give it a less crumbly texture since I am pretty sure that, once they cool off, they'll crumble quite a bit. These will be served at my daughter's baby shower!
                             This shows the muffins and some of the ingredients

                                            This should show the texture of the muffin


  1. I found a mix for corn bread muffins that I'm hoping to try this week. I'll keep you posted.

  2. This is great! I'd love to know one way or the other if it's wheat that is causing my ecsema, but I'm so happy to know you are giving me ideas to try and stay away from it...because I do love me my wheat!