Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good Gravy, And Cookies and Cake and Anything Sweet!

You know when you suddenly can't have something and then all you can think about is having it?  Yeah, well, that's what is happening to me!  ALL I WANT IS SWEETS!  I wants me some good cookies, cakes and breads and I can't really have it.  So, what's the next best thing?  Try out all the different products that I CAN have!  I never eat like this and I swear I have gained at least 5 lbs since starting with the gluten free eating.

One thing I have noticed is that most gluten free products seem to have WAY more calories than their "normal" counterparts.  I have some tapioca bread that is about 110 calories a slice for this teeny slice of bread.  The other problem with the GF products such as bread and cereal is the lack of fiber.  I'm the fiber queen and actually keep mental track of the grams of fiber I get in each day.  I know, I am weird, but I keep track of my fruit and veggie servings per day as well. (at least 7 servings of fruit and veggies so far today) This lack of fiber is NOT cool and even with a smoothie using my blender of awesomeness, I STILL am not getting the required amount. Enter the psyllium stirred into a glass of water.  Fun to drink while trying not to puke. I used to make muffins that were extremely full of fiber from my own recipe.  This also took a long time to perfect and now, can't eat it anymore.  I need a GF fiber that is easier to take than psyllium but still high in soluble fiber.  If anyone has a suggestion please let me know!

I need to stop the craziness of trying out every single cookie, muffin, cake, bread, rolls, bagels and cinnamon rolls that are sold as gluten free.  Seriously, you'd think I had to try everything right away!  

Quick note from today.  Made gravy using the pan drippings and some white rice flour then water.  Worked pretty well but the white rice flour seemed to have an almost infinite capacity to soak up water.  My gravy was like meat flavored rice cereal.  Tasty, but really weird!  Next time I will use potato flour.  ANYTHING but white rice flour! 


  1. Maybe mom's could do that for babies? You are on an interesting journey!

  2. Potato flour or corn starch works well. Imagine Natural Creations makes a great premade turkey gravy. My Mom makes regular gravy on Thanksgiving and we have the Imagine gravy on ours.

    I have no help on the fiber. There are some on the market, but you have to read the labels carefully. -J