Saturday, October 23, 2010


COOKIES!  Who on this earth does not like chocolate chip cookies?  OK don't tell me because I will think you are weird!  When I first went gluten free I discovered the Betty Crocker cookie, brownie and cake mixes that are gluten free!  My grocery store even sells them!  The first mix I tried was the cookie mix since nothing says comfort to me than a nice warm chocolate chip cookie.  

After looking online for reviews of this product I came across one where the person who posted recommended two eggs instead of one.  My daughter and I decided to make them with the two eggs.  The cookies came out very well although they did have that gluten free sandiness.  Bummer.  However, they were still good and tasted like chocolate chip cookies.  

After a day or so they dried out a bit and were quite crumbly so I would recommend that when you make them, eat them all! 


  1. Yeah... I wouldn't know about the crumbly-ness, mine never last more than a day. I made the BC brownie mix last night. They were very yummy out of the pan. When they were almost totally cooled, I cut them into bite size pieces and stored them in a container. They seemed to still be moist and yummy today... we'll see how they do tomorrow. GF unfortunately, does not have a long shelf life. :)

  2. Very interesting, you don't think of gluten being a dietary problem but obviously it is for some folks.