Saturday, October 30, 2010

Chocolate Cake!!

CAKE!  Get your attention?  Who doesn't like chocolate cake, really?  

I've been playing around with different recipes and mixes that are gluten free so I can plan the food for the holidays and for my daughter's baby shower.  I'd like everything to be gluten free since I am eating at those times plus I am the one making everything (for the most part).  This means using my family as guinea pigs test subjects to try out everything I make.  The more the merrier so I can get some good feedback.

Tonight's test product was chocolate cake from a recipe found at Eating Gluten Free.  This website is brought to you by the authors of the cookbook, Life Tastes Good Again.

The cake starts out with a gluten free flour mixture that is used in many of their recipes.  This mixture consists of rice flour, potato starch and tapioca flour.  To this is added xanthan gum for texture.  

See the recipe here:
Chocolate Cake
(click on the "chocolate cake" tab)

I followed the recipe exactly but put the batter into three 8" round cake pans, greased and floured with the GF flour mixture.  This makes a lovely three layer cake.

The three round cakes took about 25 minutes in my oven to bake.  They looked and smelled just like chocolate cake.  Surprise, surprise!

                                              Cakes cooling completely

I cooled these cakes completely before I turned them out onto the racks.  Once I was ready to assemble I was a little concerned about the texture and worried that they would break up when I tried to move them.  No worries!  These handle just like any other cake layers.

I decided on buttercream for the frosting in a plain vanilla so we could see how it was on this particular chocolate cake.  Since I made three layers there wasn't really enough frosting to cover all around the sides of the cake but since this was an experiment anyway, I didn't really mind.

                              The not well iced cake.  Looks a little sad here

The family liked this cake quite a bit.  My parents thought that it tasted just like chocolate cake and no one thought the texture was odd.  Believe me, if anyone would think something was odd, it would be my folks.  Nope, they liked it!  The baby shower will have cupcakes so I think I will use this recipe for that.  The cake seemed to have the proper consistency to become cupcakes.  

Great chocolate cake!

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