Sunday, October 31, 2010

Cake Revisited, Gladys and Quiche

We had chocolate cake leftovers for dessert tonight since the guinea pigs family testers didn't eat the whole thing last night. I found that the cake did have the signature sandiness that gluten free baked goods seem to have.  The cake was cooled off completely last night but for some reason it didn't seem as sandy as it did today.  Weird.  It is still a really good cake and I will make it again.

After reading a bunch of stuff about cooking gluten free I decided to buy sorghum flour since it most closely resembles wheat flour in baking.  My plan is to put together a good bread recipe with little to no rice flour.  We shall see.  Bread is one of my specialties and baked goods made with yeast as well.  I even had a wonderful sourdough starter named Gladys that made the best breads and rolls.  Sadly she got a bit over-yeasty.  In other words she got moldy.  Gotta love Florida.  

                            Gladys made this loaf and rolls.  Awesome!

Now, I have to learn how to bake bread all over again using different flours with different qualities for baking.  UGH.


For dinner tonight I decided on quiche and looked up making pie crusts GF.  Hmm, I got really lazy.  On Gluten Free Cooking School the author made quiche using very thin slices of potato to line the pie plate as the crust.  The potato "crust" is baked in the oven for about 15 minutes and then you take it out and add the quiche ingredients.  Bake this for about 40 to 45 minutes.  It worked very well!  I followed the directions for the potato crust then used my own quiche filling.  It turned out great! Thank you Mary Frances from Gluten Free Cooking School!

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