Thursday, February 3, 2011

No Wheat in the Product but...

I think I may have found the culprit making me have gastric distress.  My new bouillon does not have wheat in it and the allergen information says "soy" and "milk."  However, the small print at the bottom says something along the lines of, made on machinery that processes wheat.  Great.  So, your product does not have any wheat, but the machinery that processes it does.  This does not do me any good!  After having soup made with some of the bouillon, my stomach is grumbling and rumbling like crazy.  A quick trip to the bathroom will ensue I am sure.  Next time, I am getting bouillon that says GLUTEN FREE!

I've not made the alleged Nestle's Toll House Cookies, Gluten Free, yet.  I'll probably make that this weekend when my parents are here for dinner.  They enjoy a nice dessert but I have not made any for a while.  We all could stand to lose weight.

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  1. WOW you are sensitive. I was actualy thinking of you the other day. I indulged in Oatmeal. :) Yes, I can have oatmeal w/o issue. Seems it's a gray area for a lot of Celiacs... clearly not a gray area you should go into though.

    Sorry about the bullion. Also be careful for "modified Food Starch". It's their way of not having to identify the type of binder they use. -J