Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who's the Silly Celiac? I am!

This silly Celiac had some wheat, it seems.  Ugh.  I have not been quite as careful as I should be and picked some sundried tomatoes off of hubby's NON GF chicken leftovers from Carabbas.  Then I had some Bulls Eye BBQ sauce that is NOT the original flavor (which IS GF) and cannot actually find information on the possible gluten in this flavor.  Fun.

Needless to say, all hell broke loose yesterday afternoon sidelining me to the couch (and bathroom) for a few hours.  On the plus side, I think the fudge my daughter made is NOT going to add any more weight to me.  

This is a lesson learned about being careful.  I bought a toaster just for GF breads but then I got lazy and didn't pay enough attention to BBQ sauce.  And let's not forget the sundried tomatoes.  That grill baste on the chicken that Carabbas uses must have a lot of gluten in it!


  1. ::uploading sympathy::

    So sorry. Those hidden ingredients will kill ya every time.


  2. Tis the season... just be careful. GF eating is tough, don't feel bad. Youngest and I just went through a similar thing. :)