Thursday, December 23, 2010

Gluten Free Musings

It seems that my little "problem" of the other day has subsided and I will be WAY more careful about cross contamination from now on!  Now when I don't know if something is gluten free and I am at the grocery store I will call hubby and ask him to look it up for me.  What a great guy!

Tomorrow is a full day of cooking for me to make a nice Christmas Eve dinner.  Spiral ham in on the menu and then I can use the ham for split pea soup.  Ham in scrambled eggs.  Ham in quiche.  Ham on my ham with a side of ham.  This is why I buy a spiral ham once a year!  By the time it is gone I am so tired of ham that I can wait a year to get it again.

We made Chex Muddy Buddies today using Nutella instead of peanut butter.  Wow, they are really good!  Head over to the General Mills site for gluten free food and have a blast checking out everything we CAN eat!  Sometimes I have a hard time when thinking about all the things I can't eat (PIZZA)  but then I have to realize how much there is to eat now for someone on a gluten free diet!  Time was someone who could not eat gluten basically ate fruit, veggies and meat.  OK this is most likely not a BAD diet, but still!  How depressing.  Now with all the interesting GF flours out there we can have just about everything anyone can have. (except good pizza)

Yes, I am on a pizza kick right now.  Since I come from New York, where pizza is the best, (yes it is!) finding a good GF pizza has become important!  Sure I live in Florida now where Pizza Hut is considered good pizza but we DO have our little places that have the real deal.  No more for me.  Makes me a tad bit sad.

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