Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amy's Cheese Enchilada

After being disappointed by Amy's Pizza (using cheez with a Z) I wanted to give them another chance with their frozen gluten free dinners.  The lasagna was terrific so I figured I'd try the cheese (with an S) enchilada with black beans and corn.  

I decided on the microwave directions since I am basically fairly lazy.  Easy, really, 4 1/2 minutes on medium heat and then another 1 1/2 on high after removing the plastic over wrap and stirring the black beans. My menfolk had ravioli that I can no longer eat so I made this for myself.

The enchilada was quite good although, lucky for me, lacking as many red peppers as in the photo on the box.  Peppers and I do not always get along and the yellow or orange peppers will make my tongue swell.  Nice.  I can eat a few bits of red pepper though so this was just fine.  

The cheese was good and the enchilada had quite a bit of it inside.  I liked the sauce which was on the enchilada and the black beans.  While not a huge fan of corn this was OK.  I ate it anyway since I was hungry.

I'd say that this meal was equal to the lasagna!  VERY good and not as spicy or full of peppers as I thought.  Thank goodness!

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