Thursday, October 21, 2010

Feeling Sorry for Myself, Quinoa, Bread

Once the initial euphoria wore off after realizing what has been making me sick for SO many years I started to think about what I can't have.  I spent a full day feeling sorry for myself about all the great New York style pizza I won't be able to have anymore, the really good bread, the baked goods and, well, you name it, and I was feeling sorry for myself about it.  Every so often I still feel that way.  In a couple of weeks I'll be going to my friend's daughter's baby shower, yes, we have pregnant daughters at the same time, and it is being held at an Italian restaurant.  Uh oh.  Since it is a chain I was able to look up the location and then look up their special events menus.  OK Lunch menu.  ALL pasta.  I can be pretty sure that it's not gluten free.   So, at this baby shower I will be able to eat the salad.  That's it.  Of course, no cake either.  If you've read my other blog, Portia's Life, you'll know that I am a total sugar ho!  So, yes, I am feeling sorry for myself!

Although, I met a sweet cashier at Publix, I'd say maybe twenty years old, who told me she has Celiac and that her parents have known since she was really little, maybe one year old.  Wow!  She has always eaten this way, how she must be just used to it!  Then I thought about all the years I've eaten the really great food, New York pizza comes to mind. For 51 years I have been able to eat this stuff.  Sure it's made me sick, but who knew?  This sweet girl has NEVER had this food and probably never will.  I feel lucky.

The first thought I had when deciding to eat gluten free was, "What about bread?"  Since I was just getting over being really sick my hubby went to the store for me and got some rice bread by Food for Life in the freezer section.  These are the same people who make Ezekiel bread.  OK it officially SUCKED!  HOLY crap do NOT toast it and then leave on the plate for even a minute!  The condensation will make the bread soggy.  Gross!  The taste is actually pretty boring, too.  I think my plan for the rest of the package is to toast it up and make bread crumbs. Just can't let it get moist.  

Juliana from Surviving Boys has been a wonderful help to me since she has to eat gluten free as well.  She's given me a lot of great product endorsements and some products to stay away from.  It was too late for me with the Food for Life rice bread, though!  

Juliana told me about the tapioca bread found on the shelves at Whole Foods so I've been eating that for now.  Not bad, really.  It has a very yeasty taste and is otherwise fairly bland but not in a bad way.  A good first choice for a gluten free diet.  There are other breads that have had good reviews so I will try those once the tapioca bread is gone.  Most times I just don't eat bread now.  

A trip to Whole Foods showed me many breakfast cereals and other gluten free products so I don't feel totally deprived. Rice is turning into my new best friend and I've never been a big rice eater.  I am learning to like it.  Quinoa is also a great grain with a lot of uses.  For breakfast I take already cooked quinoa, add milk, cinnamon and sweetener and cook as I would oatmeal.  Good stuff.  I will also take cooked quinoa, cold, add cut up apple, shredded carrot, raisins and pecans.  Splash a sweet oil and vinegar dressing on it and it's really good!  Next time I may add some cut up cooked chicken breast. Here's a place with quinoa instructions:

How to Cook Qunioa

We pretty much just keep it, cooked, in the fridge to use either for breakfast or in the quinoa salad.


  1. I hear ya (and thanks for the love) My son has a very hard time with this since he was 5 when we went GF. We toast up the against the grain pizza crust and cut it into squares as our "special" cheeze-its. :) We've gotten very creative.

    FYI Most Olive Gardens have GF pasta on the menu. And most places will cook up pasta for you if you talk to them ahaed of time, and bring in your own. Kind of inconvienent, but well worth the effort for a nice time out. Just steer clear of the alfredo sauce if you're not sure of how it was made. Tomoto sauce is usually fine.

    Almost Hubby and I are going away for my belated B-day... I had to call the other night to make sure that I would be able to eat. It was all set except for desert... looks like I'll be having tea. :)

  2. Thank you for the info about Olive garden! Awesome! Have a wonderful time and make yourself some dessert and bring along in the hotel. :)