Saturday, December 18, 2010

Carabbas and Outback

Just did not feel like cooking tonight so I got on my trusty computer to check the local restaurants for gluten free menus.  Seems the folks over at Outback and Carabbas have an extensive gluten free menu without a lot of "order without..." type of stuff.  

We went to Carabbas, and while I love the seasoned olive oil dip, I obviously stayed away from the bread.  Since I know how awful regular bread makes me feel, I didn't really mind.  Although, I did ask if I could bring in some of my own GF bread and they said SURE!  Next time, I will have bread on hand and dip away!

Most of their steaks and chicken dishes can be ordered gluten free which really means no grill baste.  I never missed it!  I had the chicken Marsala and it was just perfect!  Half has come home with me, too.  I forgot that the garlic mashed potatoes are pretty intense with chopped up garlic cloves.  My stomach is gurgling now and I believe it was only the garlic.  My dog thinks my breath is wonderful! 

It's nice to know that there are some restaurants that will cater to the gluten free crowd.  I even overheard another server at a different table discussing the gluten free menu.  While I probably like some other places a little bit more, these two will get my business now when I go out to dinner.

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  1. I have news for you... your dog probably thinks your butt smells good, too.

    Just sayin'.