Thursday, November 11, 2010


Ahh Udi's, I love you!  

I've done a lot of research about gluten free eating from reading product reviews, trying a lot of stuff on my own and getting a lot of help from other people like Juliana over at Surviving Boys.  

While I was cruising around the gluten free blogs and websites I came across a company called Udi's.  Several people online had rated their bread the best GF bread around.  OK, that sounded like a challenge to me since I've gotten some pretty crappy GF bread in my short time since going gluten free.  

I found the Udi's a few weeks ago in a corner of the freezer section at Whole Foods where some of the other specialty breads were located.  Odd thing is, it was NOT in the freezer section clearly labeled "Gluten Free" so it sort of threw me there.  Not to be discouraged I spent a lot of time combing the freezer sections and found this loaf hiding near the back.  

This bread is VERY good!  When I toasted a slice it come out tasting like, well, toast!  REAL toast.  However, you can't forget that all important piece of paper towel under the toast or you get toast on one side and sog on the other.  Can't be helped since this is rice flour we're talking about.  

Last week I was walking along in Whole Foods and what should I see?  I whole display of Udi's bread and NOT in the freezer!  Awesome!  Of course since this is a specialty bread, the cost is pretty high.  Let's just say I am not going to be eating sandwiches every day for lunch.  

Since the bread was so good I also bought the Udi's cinnamon rolls (complete with packets of icing!) from the freezer section at Whole Foods.  (Udi's also makes bagels, muffins and pizza crust.)

Hubby and I (OK, hubby made them) made two of the four cinnamon rolls tonight and they were really good!  One problem, though, was that there were no heating instructions on the box, anywhere!  Hubby looked it up online and it was suggested to bake in a 350 degree oven for 10 minutes, which we did.  They came out nice and warm but the outside was quite hard and dry.  Maybe we should microwave them instead.  I don't know.  The taste was quite good with lots of cinnamon, the way I like it!  What can't be helped is that rice flour flavor, but I just have to get used to that now.  It's not bad, just doesn't taste like wheat. 

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